You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

your body

And you know you’re supposed to practice self-care and self-love, but what does that really look like? Feel like?

Very few have been taught the answers to these questions. Instead, you’ve been taught to look outside yourself for the love and care you crave. And this is why the war never ends.

Until now.

I’m here to tell you that you can fall in love with your body as it is right now. That is the key to your healing.

The healing you’re looking for is already inside of you. I’m here to guide you home and help remove any obstacles along the way.

Are you ready to come home to your body?

I know the pain Of

Being At War

 with your body.  

It’s a war that never ends.

Loving your body is the 

key to your healing.

Unlock Your Radiance Mastery

Reunite with Your Body So You Can Glow From the Inside Out

Unlock Your Radiance Mastery is a six-month 1:1 program where you get to come into full alignment with your one true home… your body. You get to be supported on your inner journey towards reinhabiting your sacred vessel, reclaiming your health and experiencing the energy and vitality you desire. 

Tired all the time?
Gaining weight no matter what you do?
Struggling with chronic health symptoms and fearful about them getting worse?
Going from doctor to doctor and not getting answers
Overwhelmed and don't know how to get out of it?
Bingeing on food or other vices?
Disconnected from your sensuality?
Not interested in sex or being intimate?
Feeling “blah” and unfulfilled?
On high alert most of the time?
Committed to others and ditching yourself in the process?

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Who is this for?
are you...

Experiencing drama in personal relationships?
Your own worst enemy?
Panicked this will never end?
Educated but stuck on how to apply what you know?
Knowing inner work needs to be done for something to change?
Feeling the pull to connect deeper with your spiritual side?
Hopeful even after being hardened by life?
Ready to surrender to something different?

Unlock Your Radiance Mastery is for empathic and utterly exhausted women who struggle with their health and want to heal their bodies naturally.

It's time to let all that go and

embrace the truth of you!

Double your energy so you can wake up feeling refreshed and excited for the day and fall asleep feeling calm and at peace.

What you’ll experience during our 6 months together 

Shift your limiting beliefs at the source so you can release unhealthy habits and make empowering choices without having to remember to be different.

Rehydrate on a cellular level, raise the energetic vibration of your body so you can boost your immune system and release symptoms.

Experience less anxiety and more spaciousness on a daily basis while still feeling productive and accomplished.

Awaken your sensuality and heal your relationship with your body so you can feel more beautiful, confident and sexy no matter what.

Deepen intimacy with your significant partner while improving your communication and re-igniting your turn on and sex life.

Create luminous and loving boundaries with others so you can commit to your self care without guilt.

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Are you ready to Release and Receive so you can Radiate 

your vitality and joy out into the world?

not the problem.

Your body is the solution,

Unlock Your Radiance Mastery is a powerful combination of the following pillars designed to reconnect you with YOU!

The Medicine

awaken your inner healer

Your desires are whispers from your heart and soul. They are stored creativity waiting to fuel your body with energy. Learn to listen deeply and set intentions and commitments that are in alignment with what you truly desire.


There is magic in the non-doing. That is when the real “work” happens… when you give yourself the pause your body is craving. You get to reclaim your right to rest and fast-track your healing with powerful restorative tools.


Rebuild trust with your body through presence and self-intimacy. You will learn practices that will allow your body to feel fully accepted, loved, safe, and relaxed, which is the optimal healing state.


We’ve all been taught lies about what we should and should not be eating. Women are chronically dehydrated and often don’t realize it. Nourish yourself with foods that truly hydrate you on a cellular level and help you reclaim your energy.  


Feeling good is the work. Feeling good is medicine. Expand your capacity to receive through prioritizing enjoyment and finding the pleasure that already lives in your body.


That's what she said:

When I came to Jill, I never felt so overwhelmed in my life. 

My biggest challenges were dealing with chronic anxiety and not being able to carve out time for myself each day. This program helped me to really slow down and incorporate daily self-care practices that not only improved my happiness but the happiness of my entire family. I have more energy now because I’m taking care of me first which allows me to be a better mom and wife. Probably the most surprising result of this program is the positive shift in my relationship with my husband – I’m so grateful for that!

Lori S. | Framingham, MA

I feel more confident in my body and found my joy again! 

When I started with Jill, I was struggling with health issues and I felt lost within myself. Years of low energy and not happy with “me”. Immediately after my 1st conversation with Jill, I felt connected to her and I trusted that she could really help me get out of this funk. Working with Jill 1:1 and through her teachings and practices, I have learned how to prioritize myself and begun to truly love ME. I now know how to listen to my body and trust her. I have found my joy again! This has resulted in improving my eating habits, more energy, reducing my physical symptoms and feeling more FREE than I’ve ever felt. I’ve even been inspired to start writing my “story” which has been a vision of mine for some time. Jill is a one-of-a-kind, precious gem. She has the ability to tap into someone’s motivation to take empowered action and create the life you want.

Tiffany W. | Rockville Centre, NY

Brenda R. | New York, NY

Jill is an outstanding guide and coach and is 100% committed to my success. I am grateful for this journey.

This is a program for my whole self - not a quick fix. 

This program is deeply transformative and only open to those who are committed to their next level of healing. 

Are you ready to Unlock Your Radiance and reclaim your health, Vitality, and joy for life?

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