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But you were made for these times. 

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It is my belief that our current world is not designed to support your sensitive body in thriving. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

You might be here because you’ve been on a 

Or maybe you’ve struggled with your relationship to your body for years and you’re finally ready to heal because you know it’s holding you back.

let me show you how

health journey and are still seeking answers.

Hi! My name is 

Jill Ashley Hoffman

I help empathic, heart-centered, and (utterly) exhausted women heal their bodies naturally so they can reclaim their health, their vitality and feel joy again.

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I am so honored to be a co-author of this multifaceted healing manual... there is something for everyone!

Empowered Self Care: Healing Body Mind and Soul for a Better World!

best selling book

With stress, anxiety, depression, and physical pain on the rise during these changing times, there has never been a more appropriate time in history for each of us to examine our thoughts, practices, and values around our own self-care, and how each of us affects the greater whole.

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Tired all the time?
Uncomfortable in your skin?
Struggling with chronic health symptoms and fearful about them getting worse?
Gaining weight no matter what you do?
Overwhelmed and don't know how to get out of it?
Bingeing on food or other vices?
Disconnected from your sensuality?
Not interested in sex or being intimate?
Feeling “blah” and unfulfilled?
On high alert most of the time?
Committed to others and ditching yourself in the process?

work with me

Are you… 

Experiencing drama in personal relationships?
Your own worst enemy?
Panicked this will never end?
Educated but stuck on how to apply what you know?
Knowing inner work needs to be done for something to change?
Feeling the pull to connect deeper with your spiritual side?
Hopeful even after being hardened by life?
Ready to surrender to something different?

Then, it's time to let all that go and

embrace the truth of you!

Jill helped me shift the root beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had. 

When I first came to Jill, I was struggling with low energy and fatigue and digestive issues. What I thought was going to be just a nutritional program, turned out to be so much deeper. Jill helped me address the underlying root causes of my health issues by coaching me on an emotional and spiritual level that created powerful shifts in how I was feeling! This, along with the online education, allowed me to improve my energy, my gut health and drastically improve my self esteem. I recommend working with Jill if you are ready to look within for true healing and desire someone who is compassionate, loving and empowering.

Sue Schumacher | Milton, WI

Lori S. | Framingham, MA

When I came to Jill, I never felt so overwhelmed in my life.

My biggest challenges were dealing with chronic anxiety and not being able to carve out time for myself each day. This program helped me to really slow down and incorporate daily self-care practices that not only improved my happiness but the happiness of my entire family. I have more energy now because I’m taking care of me first which allows me to be a better mom and wife. Probably the most surprising result of this program is the positive shift in my relationship with my husband – I’m so grateful for that!

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