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“Your body is broken and needs to be fixed.”

This is probably one of the biggest lies we inherit from society. And, for that reason alone modern medicine has failed you.

Here are a few other things I think modern medicine has gotten wrong (I’m getting on my soapbox now!):

It doesn’t understand that symptoms are your body’s way of asking for balance and healing.

It doesn’t believe your body can heal itself.

It doesn’t look at the root cause of dis-ease.

It doesn’t teach you how to listen to your body.

In fact, modern medicine tends to create more of a buffer between you and your body with pharmaceuticals and fear.

Unfortunately, we also know that our current medical system is more invested in you being sick than well and has little incentive to teach you about your innate healing abilities.

After years of devoting myself to helping women reclaim their power in their health, what has emerged is a new kind of medicine. A kind that focuses on you reuniting with your body as a portal for truly sustainable healing.

It’s called the Unlock Your Radiance Framework for Healing and it contains 5 pillars of medicine that will help you restore your vitality and radiance from the inside out.

They are:

  • Desire Medicine 🪄
  • Restoration Medicine 💤
  • Attunement Medicine 👐
  • Nourishment Medicine 🍏
  • Pleasure Medicine 🌹

This framework stems from ancient feminine wisdom, evidence and science-based practices as well as years of my own personal healing and self-development plus supporting my clients on their healing journey.

Want to learn more about this new paradigm of medicine and how it can support you too?

I created a free assessment that will guide you to the medicine your body is most craving right now and how to go deeper with it.

Click here to find out what your body really needs to heal itself now >> ​

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Why Modern Medicine Has Failed You

Attunement, Desire, Nourishment, Pleasure, Restoration

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I help souful, purpose-driven women raise the vibration of their bodies through exquisite self-care so they can align more deeply with their purpose and have the vitality and courage to live it.

Jill Ashley Hoffman

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