Empaths are considered highly energetically sensitive beings that can tend to take on the emotions and sensations of others and the environment, often without even knowing it.

This can often lead empaths to feel confused (because they don’t understand what’s theirs and what’s not) and chronically stressed and exhausted. Without tools and skills on how to create healthy boundaries and recenter themselves, over time, empaths can be vulnerable to chronic health issues.

Like many empaths, I lived with walls around my heart for years because this was the only way I knew how to protect myself. Once I got tired of doing that I became so overwhelmed with the intense energy of the world because I had no boundaries and no awareness of how to manage my own energy.

This left me feeling exhausted all the time, frustrated, ungrounded, and wanting to retreat by myself constantly which became pretty lonely. Eventually, I was diagnosed with late-stage adrenal fatigue and I realized I had to find a new way to relate to my energy that was more empowering.

Because once you become empowered as an empath you realize that your sensitivity is actually a gift and is there to help you live your most vital, authentic life! πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ

Now, before I go into my top 5 tips on how to manage your energy as an empath, you might still be wondering if this even applies to you. (I didn’t discover I was an empath until my mid 30’s!)

So, here’s a quick checklist that will help.

12 Signs that You’re Most Likely an Empath

  1. You easily take on the emotions of others.
  2. You easily take on the physical sensations of others. (pain/pleasure)
  3. You are a great listener.
  4. You often feel overwhelmed in crowds.
  5. You are sensitive to loud noises, violence, and media.
  6. Your mood can change suddenly depending on your environment.
  7. You don’t often know what feelings and emotions are yours and not yours.
  8. You are a lover of nature and animals.
  9. You are very intuitive. (i.e. have a strong 6th sense)
  10. You are a truth seeker and can detect when someone’s lying.
  11. You have a frequent need for solitude.
  12. You love helping people and have innate healing abilities.

If you resonated with the majority of these, then most likely… you’re an empath and should keep reading. πŸ™‚

5 Tips on How to Manage Your Energy as an Empath

Tip #1: Fill up on Nourishing and High-Vibe Food

What you put in your body, affects your energy. High-vibe foods such as fruits, veggies, herbs, and hydrating water will strengthen your cellular energy while low-vibe processed foods will weaken your energy and make life feel harder. Shoot for the 80/20 Rule where 80% of the time you are nourishing yourself with high-vibe foods and 20% of the time you get the flexibility to be human. (Of course, if you’re already struggling with chronic health issues I would adjust that ratio to more like 90/10).

Tip #2: Include more Quality Sleep and Downtime

This can be challenging for your never-ending to-do list, but I promise you that your body is more productive at rest than running from task to task. Empaths need time to integrate and usually more alone time is necessary to restore your energy. It’s most often during these times of rest and meditation where you receive downloads and wisdom, further connecting you to your intuition and enhancing your empathic super-powers.

Tip #3: Connect with Nature

Nature is especially healing for empaths. Finding small times during the day to bask in the sun, hug a tree or stick your feet in the earth will help restore your body and energy like nothing else. If that’s not possible you can invigorate your home with nature using plants, essential oils and crystals. Black tourmaline and smoky quartz are amazing ones to have around for protection and grounding.

Tip #4: Take Breaks from Technology

As much as technology has helped us create connections to others, it often can disconnect you from yourself and drain your energy when used to excess. Between the blue light of the screens and the invisible EMFs that are all around us – it’s important, especially for empaths, to take breaks. Staying glued to the computer for hours on end is kryptonite for an empath and your sensitive energy body. Cleansing your body with sage and salt water baths can be extremely helpful for mitigating the harmful effects of technology, as well.

Tip #5: Set Compassionate Boundaries with Draining People and Circumstances

Watch out for Energy Vampires! Ok, so we all know someone who drains our energy when we engage for too long. No matter who this person is, it’s time to set loving boundaries. This might look like limiting your phone conversations to under 10 minutes and/or limiting physical contact (energy is transferred through the eyes and touch). Another good one is NOT asking, “How are you doing?” I know this is a tough one… what I like to say instead is, “It’s good to see you.” If they ask you to do something that’s a hell NO, then just empathize for a moment and then say “No” with a smile. You don’t need to give an excuse…”No.” is a complete sentence.

I promise that when you start applying these practices to your life on a regular basis, you will start to see significant changes in your energy, health, and vitality.

Which tip will you start to apply this week to get you on your path to becoming an Empowered Empath??

Comment below and let me know… I’d love to hear from you!

Health + Heart,


5 Tips on How to Manage Your Energy as an Empath

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