Are you embodying your inner Queen?

The Queen I’m speaking of is not what we’ve seen in the mainstream media or even in historical references. (i.e. Queen Elizabeth, etc.)

The Queen archetype I’m referring to is connected to her true Power as a sovereign leader in her life, is deeply connected to her community and her purpose, and has the vitality and courage to live it.

What allows her to do this?

The New Earth Queen is fiercely committed to nourishing herself because she knows that anything less would not allow her to show up in love, devotion, and joy. That in order to live in true health, wealth, and fulfillment, she MUST be willing to give that to herself first.

So, what stops you from truly embodying your inner Queen so you can live the purposeful life you are meant to live?

Well, after speaking to many women about this and also bumping up against my own edge around embodying my inner Queen, I discovered 4 common patterns to be aware of. Let’s take a look…

4 Blocks To Embodying Your Inner Queen

#1 Depriving Yourself

For some of us, it’s subtle and for some it’s more overt but I’ve noticed a trend where we (as women) have a habit of depriving ourselves in the ways that matter most.

We deprive ourselves of rest, nourishing food, pleasure, time to just BE, knowing what we truly want, etc. even when we know better. Habits come from conditioning and unless you’re willing to face the wound underneath the habit, it’s going to be very difficult to break free from the habit.

Many women have been conditioned to believe that their value is in giving, not receiving. Or that you have to “earn it” first… you have to work, work, work in order to receive your reward.

We also take on a lot of shame that reinforces our “wrongness” and keeps us in a loop of never being good enough or ready to receive what’s already your birthright – Nourishment. Shame is the lowest vibrational frequency and keeps you out of alignment with your truth.

To your inner Queen, this is totally backward and counter-intuitive.

👑 The shift here is to start believing in your value as a human being, just for BEING you – not for what you do.

Learning to value yourself more comes from both doing the inner work to release shame while also taking courageous action as a Queen who knows her worth.

This might mean facing your shame head-on and being willing to feel the feelings so that you can start to let it go…. while, simultaneously stretching yourself to create the space for more nourishment one step at a time.

Being courageous enough to live “as-if” is a revolutionary way to upgrade the way you think and feel about yourself and creates more and more opportunities to receive and give that feel truly nourishing.

#2 Trying to Control or Save Others

I’m going to try and put my 2 cents in on a conversation that is extremely complex. But, what I’ve come to see in my work with sensitive, soulful women (including myself) is that we often have a deep fear of abandonment or just being alone.

And, this can manifest in co-dependent relationships where you will either twist and pretzel yourself (abandoning your own needs) in order to keep the other one(s) happy so they won’t leave…

Or, you might be someone who can become judgmental of those you love because you’re unconsciously worried that if they don’t change and become more like what you think they should be, then you’ll somehow lose them or you’ll have to leave them and that feels too painful to bear.

Either way, you’re focusing waaaay more energy on someone else’s needs, wants and desires than your own and this is a zero-sum game because it’s not real love. It’s not authentic. It’s not sovereign. Plus, it’s f*cking draining.

And, here’s the other thing… If you’re literally trying to “save” someone then that’s very disempowering too because you’re basically saying that they are not capable of taking care of themselves so you have to do it for them. In adult relationships, this can really create an imbalance and lead to feelings of disappointment, resentment, and depletion. ☚ī¸

👑 The shift here is to start seeing others as sovereign, fully capable just as they are. Love people for who they are now and allow them to have the healing and learning experience that they came here for and trust that they can handle it.

Facing your biggest fear just might be the thing that sets you FREE to be the Queen you came here to be.

#3 All or Nothing Mentality

You want more balance and harmony in your life. I hear it all the time. But, what I also hear all the time is this idea that in order to get any kind of result, you have to sacrifice everything and “go all in”. That usually means that you have to go from 0 to 100 overnight which, again, is a recipe for disappointment as well as burnout.

I totally get this because the “all or nothing” paradigm is really what reinforces diet culture and diets are all about restriction and deprivation. So, here’s another place where we habitually crave deprivation because of the whole “no pain, no gain” programming.

I find it interesting how so many soulful women are craving balance and harmony, but they think the way to get there is through extremes. Again, I totally get it. I still sometimes, even after steeping so far into my inner Queen, will get sucked back into old habits of perfectionism and anything less, is unacceptable.

This can bring up feelings of self-judgment and failure – sometimes before even starting something new!! Nobody wants to feel that, so of course, you’ll find any excuse to delay your expansion and stay in the energy of, “trying to make a change..” because you’re afraid of not doing it “perfectly”.

Well, guess what? You’re not perfect. You’re human.

👑 The shift here is to embrace your humanity with a lot of self-love and self-compassion and choose to move forward “imperfectly”. This is the only way that change can become sustainable – it has to be authentic.

#4 Not Asking For Help

Although humans are inherently tribal beings, our modern culture teaches us that there’s some virtue in figuring things out on your own. Women, especially, crave collaboration but deprive themselves of asking for help because it can bring up feelings of weakness that translate to, “I should be able to do this on my own.” – sound familiar?

But, your inner Queen is not a loner. She values relationships and connection.

She also knows that the most fun way to embrace life is in community. Even though she’s a leader, that doesn’t mean she’s above anyone else. She’s a leader because she knows her boundaries and is not afraid of asking and receiving help. She understands the natural cycles of giving and receiving and doesn’t resist living in harmony with life.

The Queen also embraces that when she frees herself through her own vulnerability, she gives others permission to do the same. She is all about creating ripples of impact through BEING in her Queedom.

👑 So, the shift here is to get over yourself! I say that with a lot of love.

The KEY to releasing old habits and embodying your inner Queen is to be surrounded by others who are actively doing the same. Transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum… it happens in community.

If you’re ready to fully Embody your inner Queen so you can expand your capacity to receive more, email me to inquire about my Nourish The Queen 6-week Sisterhood where you will learn how to use food as a pathway to true nourishment and prosperity. 👸

Also, which one or two of the blocks I shared resonate with you?

Which one(s) are you wanting to let go of?

Let me know in the comments below. 👇 I’d love to hear from you!

4 Blocks To Embodying Your Inner Queen 👸

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