“This program has produced a powerful ‘Wow’ factor in my life!”
I started to see a dramatic impact on my quality of life since starting the Total Thyroid Transformation Program! My digestion has improved and my energy is higher than it’s been in a long time. This has motivated me to make deliberate, positive choices in service to my health. Rather than feel like this is something that I have to do, I realize that health, happiness and vitality are grounded in choices I make. I know these changes were made possible through the support and guidance of Dr. Selassie and Coach Jill.  This program has produced a powerful ‘Wow’ factor in my life — when you ask me how I feel, I will tell you “great” — that’s my new normal, daily reality.

– Marylee, Brooklyn, NY

“This program was just the boost I needed to take responsibility for my thyroid condition.”
Working with Jill in her thyroid jump-start program has enabled me to really advocate for myself and my health with doctors. Before I just blindly listened to what my doctors said but I am now able to ask the right questions in order to take ownership for my health. Having Jill by my side as a guide and support, I feel less overwhelmed. There’s so much information out there around thyroid disease and Jill was great at helping me sift through and discover what I needed to know.

– Meena S., Richmond, CA

“You could be alive and never live.”
I am so grateful that this will not be my testimony, thanks to Coach Jill Hoffman and Dr. Selassie! Thank you to this team and to my dear friend who recommended the program the very morning I had decided to give up. I have never felt so aware, so committed to my health, and so capable of achieving my life’s purpose.

– Shaunda M., Westbury, NY

“Just amazing coaching, beyond my expectations.”
I came to Jill because I wanted to lose 20 pounds (post baby) and have more energy (feel less like a zombie). By the time we finished our program, I lost 40 pounds and have 100% more energy (even as a new mom who breast feeds throughout the night and works 4 days a week)!! But, even more than that, I was able to break free from my old eating patterns and gain an overall sense of empowerment to make healthier food choices. Jill’s coaching style unearthed all kinds of roadblocks that we conquered together, allowing me to move forward when I faced a set back. If you think you need someone to yell at you or weigh you, you are going to be pleasantly surprised that the change you have been waiting for, can come with kindness and love. I feel like my body and mind are healing after years of abuse with bad “foods” and this has been an amazing step to create a healthy future for myself and my family. I think the world needs to try Jill’s approach!

– Dawn W., Maplewood, NJ

“I have found a secret treasure in Jill!”
When I started working with her my main goal was to cut sugar out of my diet. What I didn’t know was how much my diet was affecting my health, energy levels and overall happiness. In a matter of days I started to uncover how much better I could feel by incorporating healthy and EASY changes into my diet. I have never felt better in my entire life. Not only do I have more energy, I WAKE UP HAPPY EVERY DAY. Jill took me out of a victim/reward cycle and showed me that nourishing my body with healthy and pure foods is the best gift I can give myself. Working with Jill has changed my life in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Jill is smart, creative, kind and completely invested in my success. People are now asking me what’s up lately because I feel so much better and am radiating happiness. The only answer I can give them is Jill Hoffman!

– Elizabeth B., New Rochelle, NY


“For the last 2 years, I have been under care and learning from Jill.”
She has a friendly, professional and compassionate way of communicating that is really special. I always walk away from her talks, or our sessions, with digestible nuggets that I can immediately incorporate into my lifestyle. She is an integral reason I am growing healthier each day. As a doctor I have learned how important it is to know my strengths and to reach out to others in the areas I am not the expert in. Jill is the expert when it comes to clean eating and living.

– Dr. Suzanne McBride, NY, NY
Connected Spine


“I have never enjoyed eating as much as I do now!”
When I started to work with Jill, my top goal was to lose weight and I was getting ready to start yet another diet. Instead, Jill took me on a journey where I discovered all the ways I was medicating myself with food. I feel like I owe an enormous debt because Jill has helped me truly understand my relationship with food and the value I had put on eating my entire life. I now eat with awareness and I feel better than I have in years! I am no longer overwhelmed with eating or obsessed with my weight. Instead, I focus on eating delicious, nourishing food each day and making self-care a priority. That seems to be the new “diet” that works for me because I’ve since lost 20lb, effortlessly!

– Rukshinda, R., New York, NY