Hi, I’m Jill Ashley Hoffman

My journey back to health started in 2012. My life was great. I had much to look forward to having decided to change careers, go back to school, and follow my passion — health coaching.

I was also about to get married and even though there was a lot of stress,  I felt healthy, energetic, and unstoppable.

But once the dust settled after our wedding I started to feel off. I was losing more hair than normal and despite good dental hygiene habits I developed early stage gum disease.

What really got my attention though was when I missed my menstrual period. With no plans of getting pregnant anytime soon, I was alarmed. Days turned into weeks, turned into months. Finally, I went to the doctor.

The blood test revealed that I was hypothyroid. I’ll never forget what the doctor said that day; I would have to be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. What? This made no sense to me.

Despite having little knowledge about thyroid and hormonal imbalance at the time, I believed in the body’s natural ability to heal. I asked my doctor for other options and ideas; she said there was nothing else I could do.

I left angry and frustrated. But, I also knew I was going to figure this out and, find the right people and resources to help me.

Over the next few months, things seemed to get better… until one day I woke up and I could barely  get out of bed. My body had basically given out.

This was humbling and confusing because I thought I was doing everything right.

So, there I was…an aspiring health coach, who couldn’t figure out her own health issues. I felt like a fraud and sunk into isolation and depression.

Over the next year, I gained about 20lbs., continued to have fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and all the other typical hypothyroid symptoms, even though I was doing all the “right things.”

What was I missing? Why wasn’t I getting better even after taking thyroid medication, following a strict anti-inflammatory diet, working on my stress, and nourishing my adrenals?

For many, this is enough, and it was very important to help me rebalance myself physically.

But something was missing. I needed to go deeper.


Your health challenge is a gift and the doorway to transformation.

What I discovered was that even though intellectually I wanted to be healthy and vibrant, a part of me wouldn’t let that happen. The idea of healing felt unsafe so unconsciously I sabotaged my well-being.

This may sound a bit crazy, and it didn’t really make much sense to me at first.  But once I started to dig deeper into my emotions and beliefs, I realized how disconnected I was.

I was literally constipated in all areas of my life, shutting myself down to anything that felt good, pleasurable, and easy. Instead, I was pushing and willing myself through life in order to be “good enough” to live it.

Talk about DEEP work! This was not comfortable, pretty, or fun, but I knew that in order to heal my body, I had to face my demons and change the storyline in my head and heart.

Since I began this inward journey, my energy and weight has normalized, my thyroid labs are in a healthy range, and I continue to support my body with the diet and lifestyle that works for me. I have learned to set boundaries, which created  space and freedom that never existed before.

Most importantly, I’ve found myself again. I rediscovered my dreams and passions. I live in abundance and gratitude instead of lack and scarcity. I ultimately got my sexy back and I want the same for you!


A little more about me…

I was born in Bogota, Columbia but am still working on my Español. When not working with clients or on my business you’ll find me on my yoga mat, in the park with my fur baby, or preparing a healthy meal for my hubby and me.  I’m passionate about local, sustainable food and am an active member of the Greene Hill Food Coop. I love dancing to latin music, singing karaoke, reading books on personal development, matcha green tea, kombucha, dark chocolate, crystals and oracle cards.

I’m a FPL-Certified Thyroid Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).